FREE 30-Day Product Launch Challenge

10 bite-sized lessons to create, launch and sell your online course in 30 days!

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Here's what this free "30 days to product launch" course covers:

    It has 10 bite-size lessons (from Lesson 1 to Lesson 10) and each week, you'll get access to 2 to 3 lessons. By the end of the 10th lesson, you will have a product to sell.

    Here's what each week covers:

    Week 1: How to come up with an idea for your product, course or service

    Week 2: How to validate your product idea

    Week 3: How to create your product within a week

    Week 4: How to get your first 3 customers

    The goal of this course: "Fuck outcome, just create".

    P.S: Each lesson contains an action item so you're not only consuming content but also creating something everyday.

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    30-Day Product Launch

    "You don't learn anything until you launch." - Dan Norris